Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maybe I spoke too soon

Well my dear readers, I may have spoken too soon about my slump being totally over. In the last two months I dated and broken up with said boy from last post. I must say it's pure agony to get so close to what you want but not having it be quite right. There is a take home message to all this though: you have to try new things and take risks to grow and progress, and I've taken a lot of risks this year-taking a new job far from home and anyone I know, moving twice in 6 months, getting in a car accident (well not really a planned risk, but definitely a challenge), and putting my heart out there in a relationship. All of these things have really stretched me (almost to my breaking point), made me realize things about myself that I needed to change and motivated me to make those changes and face fears that were important to face That almost sounds bad, but I think (hope) it's making me a better person. Along the way though I've had some sweet blessings and little miracles that I've been so grateful for. I've also realized what great friends and family I have, they've really helped me through a tough time. So there you have it, my life in the last two months in fairly vauge detail. Just know that I'm one tough spinster that can get through anything and will eventually get what she wants even if it takes a little (lot) longer than she expected!