Monday, November 8, 2010


So time for my monthly post. October was a tough month, but now it's over, yeah! Lately to forget my troubles, I've thrown myself into social things-young single adult and midsingle. This has thrown me into the path of eligible young men...well some not so young and some very young. Which brings me to my latest quandary, how young is too young? Don't worry I'm not talking about premies or anything. But personally at what point do you think the age difference too much, four years, six, eight? And if you haven't already noticed there is a huge double standard between men and women when it comes to this. A man marrying a woman five to ten years younger than himself isn't so uncommon, but the other way around is much more uncommon. As a teenager I had a young women's leader who married a man four years younger than herself. I was always impressed by this and thought she was so brave to do such a thing. But is four years really that much of an age difference? Hardly. Oh and what's that formula, half your age and add 7 and that's the age limit of the person you can date. Who came up with that anyway?

What if you just happen to find someone you just really hit it off with that you really wouldn't think was younger than you if you didn't know? Do you put yourself out there and flirt up a storm and maybe draw comments or do you tell yourself that oh well, something might have been if he was a little older or you a little younger and give up? Honestly, it might have to be the latter unless you have self confidence of steel and look like Demi Moore. Oh well, that's, that, I'm no Demi Moore and not much of a boat rocker. Maybe more equality will come to the next generation of women!